Fruit Logistica 2013: firms get over euro 2.5 million orders

February 08, 2013 GHULAM ABBAS

Pakistani fruit firms and organisations exhibiting fresh fruits and vegetables in ‘Fruit Logistica 2013’, the most important business and communication arena of the international fresh produce trade being held here in Germany, have received an estimated import orders worth 2.5 million euro during two days of the show.

According to the country’s leading exporters response of the mega event was very encouraging that despite the lack of much innovation, presentation and competitive marketing tools, Pakistani products were being liked and accepted by the visitors, buyers gathered from across the globe.
According to representatives of Pakistani firms including Sheikh International, Durrani Associates, Zulfiqar & Co, FA international, Seven Star International, KP Enterprises, Roshan enterprises, Iftikhar Ahmed & Co, Jahanzeb Muhmand &co, Nazir and Sons and others, they have stuck deals with world renowned companies for export of Kinnow, Mango, Potato, Bair, other vegetables and dry fruits.
Shehzad Sheikh of Sheikh Enterprise claimed that good business deals and commitments have been made with various firms of Scotland, England and Germany. Business relations with a Berlin based firm has been restored after a long time, he said. Representative of Durrani Associates said that around $2 million worth import deal has been made with some eastern European countries for export of processed mango this year.
According to Fawad of Eftikhar Ahmed and Co, successful meetings have been held with leading firms from Ukraine, Russia, Bangladesh, Jordan, United Kingdom and others. A couple of Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) were also being signed with some European firms.
Good responses from French, Thai and Turkish companies have been received in two days of the mega show, said representatives of Imtiaz Enterprise. According to Jahanzaib Khan of Jahanzeb Muhmand and co, his company has received better response this year from Bahrain, Kuwait Dubai and London-based companies.
Talking to Business Recorder, Dean Hayden, representative of a London-based firm ‘International Produce’ working with US-based firm ASDA, said that his company had already imported thousands of tonnes mango from Pakistan last year. ‘We were not meeting the demand of mango especially in the holy month Ramazan as Pakistani and Indians in the United Kingdom liked the fruit,” he said adding that each mango was being sold in separate boxes with good display and presentation.
“With over 60 big stores in Europe, we need around 6000 boxes daily. We are planning to visit Pakistan and inspect facilities there for further imports of the fruit,” he said. Amir Hautemann, head of product management and sales of Total Produce of Netherlands, which imports Kinnow from Pakistan, told Business Recorder that the 12.5 percent duty on imports of the fruit in Europe was the hurdle in increasing the volume of imports despite an increasing demand of the fresh fruit.
According to Waheed Ahmed, Chairman Pakistan Fruit and Vegetables Exporters, Importers and Merchant Association (PFVA) the members of the association participating in the event and other organisations have collectively received estimated export orders worth 2.5 million euros during the first two days of the event. Though the final outcome of the show in Berlin could be examined by the end of the show, the response from buyers was encouraging. He stated that a couple of MoUs have also been signed with some foreign companies. Some new markets were likely to be tapped this year as firms from new countries have shown their interest in Pakistani mangoes, Kinnows and Potatoes.
“More focused work and effort is needed on the part of the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) and Pakistan Horticulture Development and Export Company (PHDEC) to improve the presentation and innovation of the country’s stalls and pavilions,” he said.
The lack of competitive presentation, display and marketing observed in the show were the key factors of deficiencies in Pakistani products as countries with limited varieties and quantity of agricultural products were also prominent in the exhibition just because of the display and decoration. Compact duration, focused appeal to the targeted groups and maximum effectiveness were the key features of prominent companies in the international event.
Earlier on Wednesday evening, Abdul Basit, Pakistani Ambassador in Berlin also visited Pakistani pavilion and stalls. Talking to Business Recorder, he said that the participation of large number of Pakistani firms, exhibitors and business delegation in the fruit show was very encouraging.
“Opportunities are here to tap more lucrative international markets as over 100 countries are participating in the mega fair,” he said. He also welcomed the German Federal Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumers Protection; Ms Ilse Aigner at Pakistani Pavilion set up with the help of TDAP.

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Fruit Logistica 2013 kicks off in Berlin: over 15 firms, around 50 exhibitors display products

Over 15 Pakistani firms and around 50 exhibitors participated in the “FRUIT LOGISTICA 2013,” the world’s biggest fair for fruits/vegetables held in Berlin, Germany with the aim of introducing the country’s fruits to buyers/importers from over 120 countries gathered under one roof.

The mega event opened here on Wednesday where over 2,543 exhibitors from 78 countries presented the entire value chain of fresh produce. Some 55,000 trade visitors from 120 countries have come to Berlin. The prominent exhibitors from across the world were presenting not only the entire product and service range that so amply supplies consumers with fresh fruit and vegetables, but also numerous interesting industry innovations that serve as a valuable driving force in the industry, increasing the variety of options for the consumer.

In the three days fair (February 6 to 8, 2013) members of Pakistan Fruit and Vegetables Exporters, Importers and Merchant Association (PFVA), other concerned organisations and Pakistan Horticulture Export Development Company (PHEDC), have set up separate stalls while displaying the country’s fresh fruits, vegetables, mango pulps and other value added products.

On Wednesday, Ilse Aigner, Federal Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection of Germany also visited Pakistani Pavilion. According to her, Berlin has become the center of attention for the international world of fruit and vegetables where 2400 exhibitors from around 80 countries are showcasing their products. The fresh-cut convenience sector has taken part at the trade fair. More liberalization of fresh products trade is needed in the world.

On the first day of the exhibition, selected Pakistani and Asian dignitaries and a large number of visitors of the event were also found visiting the Pakistani pavilion and showed keen interest in the fresh fruit including Kinnow, mango (juice and pulps) etc.


Talking to Business Recorder, Waheed Ahmed, Chairman, PFVA said that the association and its members were attending the event with the aim/objective that major markets of the world could be tapped during this fair as buyers, exporters and businessmen from more than 100 countries were visiting the event.

According to him, Fruit Logistica is an important event where almost all the best quality fruit/vegetables are displayed from a large number of countries. Though Pakistani fruits like mango and kinnow have no parallel in EU, and some western markets, issues like lack of supply chain and value addition were needed to be addressed by both the government and concerned authorities.

“Display, presentation and innovation were the most important things along with good quality fruits in order to tap the European and highly valued western markets,” he said adding that Pakistan was lagging behind in the fruit and vegetable industry despite being an agriculture-based country. “We have only two or three selected items in fruit and vegetable sector while dozens of highly valued items are yet to be given due considerations to make them also exportable,” he added.

According to him, Pakistan is actively participating in the Fruit Logistica for the last four years and Islamabad has received an import order worth over 1 million Euros last year and better response is expected this year. With active marketing and efforts the country could easily get at least 25 million Euro worth share in the region in the next five years.

Super markets and big chain stores in the EU markets could be the first and easy step to introduce our fruits like mango, kinnow, dates, potato, onion mango pulps and apple juice concentrates. Talking to Business Recorder, Waqar Khilji, Pakistani Commercial Attaché in Berlin said that the event was very helpful to search for more markets for Pakistani products. However, the disruption in supply, lack of certification with globally approved quality/standards and value addition were the issues that needed to be addressed for better share in the western markets.

Numbers of presentations were also made by different experts on various subjects related to the fresh fruit/vegetable industry on Wednesday. According to a presentation 860 million tonnes of vegetables and 730 million tonnes of fruit were produced world-wide in 2012. Production figures for both fruit and vegetables have steadily increased over the past few years. The EU is the world’s leading import region for fresh fruit. The US and Russia are also key countries when it comes to the export of fresh fruit and vegetables outside of Europe.

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