Grow Pudina at Home

After Using mint leaves, I sowed the mint stems which are robust. It took nearly 7 to eight days to get new recent leaflets. i’m happy to look new leaves. I began using few leaves for my cooking also . I used compost which is prepared by me from kitchen waste.

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As summer season as come Water is getting dried up and making pudina wilted. so considered doing mulching and added sugar cane bagasse. which improved water saving as well as diminished direct sun light to the soil.

I used potting combine as compost and purple soil in 1:1 ratio

What I apply with mint is , as soon as it will get leaflets it grows very speedy. It spreads out the roots and begins the plant from there. so it spreads the container fastly..I Like the flavor of the plant…and I felt extra flavor from these leaves as I got it from plant directly and its contemporary..contemporary…

Vegetables calendar for Pakistan

Tomato, Hot pepper, sweet pepper, Brinjal, Cucumber, Okra, Bottle Gourd, Sponge Gourd, Bitter Gourd, Tinda Gourd, Pumpkin, Arum, Potato, Mint, Turmeric, Ginger, Musk Melon, Water Melon, Sweet Potato & Groundnut are summer crops. The best time of sowing is spring (Feb, March) and they will produce till September, October.

Winter Vegetables
The best sowing time of winter vegetables is September, October and they will produce till Feb, March.
Winter Vegetable includes: Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Carrot, Potato, Onion, Lettuce leaf, Radish, Turnip, Peas, Spinach, Fenugreek, Beets, Mustard, Coriander, Mint & Garlic

The above mentioned seasons are generally suited for most areas, but there are certain exceptions varying from crop to crop. For example tomato can be grown year around in Karachi or similar areas, but you cannot grow it in those parts of country where frost is certain also there are different varieties for different seasons for example summer Radish variety is different from winter variety.
Early and late sowing can also be beneficial, prepare seedling of spring planting in winter underneath plastic sheets & fall planting in summers underneath shades these crops will provide you off-season vegetables which are otherwise very costly in market.

English Name Urdu Name Sowing Time Rows X Rows(inch) Plants X Plants(inch) Yield/Plant First Harvest
Arum اروی Feb – March 24 18   180 – 200 days
Bitter Gourd کریلہ Feb – March, June – July 36 12 3 kg  
Bottle Gourd کدو Feb – March, June – July, October 36 18 4 kg  
Brinjal بینگن Feb – March, June, Nov 30 18 2 kg 60 -70 days
Broccoli   Aug –Nov 24 12 0.75 kg 60 -80 days
Cabbage بند گوبھی Aug – Nov 24 12 0.75 kg 60 -100 days
Carrot گاجر Sep – Oct 18 2 130 gm 60 -80 days
Cauliflower پھول گوبھی June – Oct 24 12 850 gm 60 -80 days
Celery   Sep – Oct 12 4 100 gm 100 – 120 days
Coriander دھنیا July _ Nov, Feb -April       45 -50 days
Cucumber کھیرا Feb – July 36 18 2.5 kg 50-70 days
Fenugreek میتھی Sept – Oct        
Garlic لہسن Sept – Oct 8 4 50 gm  
Ginger ادرک Feb – March 12 8    
Hot Peppers مرچ Sept – Oct, Feb. 30 18 1.5 kg 50-60 days
Lettuce سلاد پتہ Sept – Oct 12 6    
Mint پودینہ July – Nov, Feb -April       45-50 days
Mustard سرسوں Sept – Oct        
Okra بھنڈی Feb – March, June- July 24 18 1 kg 70-90 days
Onion پیاز Feb-March, Sep – Oct 12 4 100 gm 150-180 days
Peas مٹر mid Sep-mid Nov 24 2 600 gm 50-75 days
Potato آلو Feb-March, Sep – Oct 24 8 1 kg 110 -150 days
Radish مولی July – Nov, Feb-March 18 2 120 gm 30-60 days
Spinach پالک June – Nov       50-80 days
Sponge gourd توری Feb – April, June – July 36 18 2.5 kg 60-70 days
Sweet Peppers شملہ مرچ Oct – Nov, February 30 18 1 kg 50-60 days
Sweet Potato شکر قندی Feb – March 36 18 700 gm 140-150 days
Tinda Gourd ٹینڈا March –April, June- July 36 18 1 kg 50-60 days
Tomato ٹماٹر Feb – March, Sep – Nov 30 18 2.5 kg 60-70 days
Turmeric ہلدی March –April, June- July 36   1 kg  
Turnip شلجم Aug – Nov 24 3 150 gm 60-90 days

It is not possible to cover all aspects in vegetable calendar, so I will try to post individual topics on each vegetable but this calendar might be helpful.

Gardening Tip of the day

Gardening tip of the day Salma Kamal 5thUsing the same sprayer equipment for weed control and then for insect control is neither safe. No matter how well a tank is rinsed after use of a herbicide, a residue will be left in the tank and in the gaskets, hoses and parts. If the same tank is then used with an insecticide to spray a plant, it is possible to kill the plant with the herbicide left in the tank. The wisest policy is to maintain two sprayers, one for herbicides and another for insecticides and fungicides.

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Gardening Tip of the day

Gardening tip of the day Salma Kamal 4Annual flowers live only one growing season, during which they grow, flower, and produce seed, thereby completing their life cycle. Annuals must be set out or seeded every year since they don’t persist.

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Gardening Tip of the Day

Gardening tip of the day Salma Kamal 2ndMice can be quite a nuisance in the garden and home.  Mice live near humans. Though it’s probably impossible to get rid of every single mouse, you need to keep them under control before they chew your garden and house apart. Mice are know to eat away  seeds sown vegetable and fruits in garden.

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